Local Solutions for Local Challenges

Case Study
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Each of our portfolio companies are empowered to develop community-related strategies and programs in collaboration with local businesses, bringing regionally specific experience and knowledge. One of 香港六合彩开奖结果 Renewable Power & Transition’s portfolio companies, X-ELIO, its solar developer in Spain, has excelled in this, identifying and developing several programs with the aim of enhancing the local communities where they operate.

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Improving Local Health

In Mexico, X-ELIO saw an opportunity to improve local health with renewable energy, reducing the reliance in the community to indoor wood and coal burning cooking stoves that present inhalation and pollution risks for the community. X-ELIO partnered with Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Perote (ITS Perote) to help residents build, implement and train locals in employing semi-fixed and portable low-cost solar cookers that use recycled materials, reducing reliance on solid fuels and minimizing indoor air pollution. X-ELIO and ITS Perote together created 33 semi-fixed parabolic cookers and 330 portable prototypes. Additionally, ITS Perote hosted three workshops on constructing fixed solar cookers. The project has helped an estimated 18,320 inhabitants, with an indirect impact on 115,416 residents across three municipalities.

Filling the Skills Gap

As the global economy rapidly shifts into new technologies and sustainable solutions to support the global transition to net zero, there is a need for skilled, experienced workers to develop, construct and operate low-carbon assets and support the communities where these projects operate.

X-ELIO identified that local residents lacked the necessary training to work in solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, and there was an opportunity to work with the community. It offered four free certified courses on PV Projects Installation and Construction Works Risks and Preventive Measures. More than 40 local people took part and obtained the qualifications, which are necessary for employment in the solar PV industry—a key industry for the region.

By working closely with educational institutions, we can help to support healthier communities and build key skills for job opportunities for community members.